::Ostrow Tumski

My personal favorite part of Wroclaw is Ostrow Tumski, or Cathedral Island. A “must see” for anyone who visits Wroclaw.

Cathedral Island is a stones throw from our apartment and I usually jog through the Island daily. This island was settled in the 1100’s!!! It’s hard to imagine that Europe is that old, especially my new town. Technically, it is not an island anymore as the river was filled in many years ago to make it easier to bring in products. I may be biased, but I think Wroclaw in general should be considered a top destination in Europe.
Anyways, visitors enter onto the Island via the Lock Bridge, where lovers write their names on padlocks and clip them onto the bridge for good luck. They then throw the key into the river so that their love will never be unlocked. Aww.
Other sights to add to the sight-seeing list: The Cathedral, Archbishop’s Palace and the botanical gardens (to be featured in another post).

Tumski Bridge
near the botanical gardens; my favorite door in all of Wroclaw

Me at the Archbishop palace gates 
Backside of the church 
me and the church (and another lady on the phone)
so we don’t forget what was

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