::Ksiaz Castle Day Trip

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of visiting the Castle Ksiaz located in Walbrzych, Poland – about an hours drive from Wroclaw.

This is the third largest castle in Poland and was built in the 1200’s. Sadly, it was confiscated by Hitler in 1941 to be used as quarters and the original interior beauty of the castle was destroyed. This was also a site for a work camp, where the prisoners were forced to dig tunnels under the castle. Plans for these tunnels have not been found and it is still a mystery as to where they were going. Thankfully, due to preservation groups a few rooms in the castle have been restored.
Let’s now take a look inside the castle walls.
L.O.V.E the ornate ceilings….
And grandiose rooms…
(grey and white, my favorite!)

And breathtaking views…

Of course, the outside of the castle is just as beautiful as the interior.
So many details.  (notice the heart?)
(and the monkeys under the window boxes)
There are stairs tourists can’t walk down….
And paths less traveled…
And you may even see a traditional horse carting competition when you visit 🙂
My advice? The scenic route is usually better than the highway.


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