::Bratislava: Nowhere near Berlin!

Please tell me you remember that scene from the movie EuroTrip where the group gets on a bus thinking they are going to Berlin and they end up in Bratislava, Slovakia? If not, I’m getting old.

Anyways…even though we didn’t have time to stop in Bratislava on the way home from Budapest, it would be a perfect place for lunch on the way to Wroclaw. I wish we would have had the time.

Maybe next time!

::Budapest, Hungary (Part I)

And we are now off to Budapest, Hungary! It took much longer than anticipated to drive from Vienna, Austria to Budapest, Hungary – about 3 hours in total. However, little did we know that Budapest was the city of construction, and we sat in construction for at least an hour after we got into the ‘Pest’ side of the city (where we were staying). If you didn’t know, Budapest is composed of two cities: ‘Buda’ and ‘Pest’…separated by the Danube river. The cities were combined in 1873 as what we now know to be Budapest.

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::Vienna, Austria (Part III)

Our second day in Vienna was filled less with tourist attractions and more of experiencing the local flair (since the town was now open after being closed the day before due to a national holiday). What an amazing place. This is why I love this city.  Each corner more beautiful than the last. I just cannot wait to come back. Two days was just not enough. Here is a look into our second (and final) day in Vienna, Austria.

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::Vienna, Austria (Part II)

Ahhh…There is still so much beauty in Vienna for me to share with you. Just ‘sip’ back and enjoy your dose of Morning Kawa.
Starting from where I left off in Part I of Vienna, let us now go to the Hofburg Imperial Palace. Before visiting Vienna, this palace defines what I imagined the city to be: grand buildings, gold trimmings, Tiffany blue copper tops, complete with intricate fountains. The Imperial Palace was all that and more.

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