::From Antiques to Antiki

Keeping with the theme of antiques, let me start by saying that Wroclaw is a city of antiques, and well-priced ones at that.
Are you drooling over this trunk yet? Because I am.

I am not kidding; large, 16th Century hutches, with paperwork required to get it back into the USA, are only about 1,000 USD!!! I so want to buy something and ship it home 🙂

I wanted to share with you my personal favorite store that I have found in Wroclaw located right in the Rynek inside Mary Magdalene Church. I could spend all day wandering through this place looking at chairs, tables, dishes, perfume bottles, artwork…anything really. Rule of thumb: the larger the piece, the cheaper it is (my guess is that it is harder for tourists to take home). You can see their inventory online – check it out!

Here is the name of the store so that you can add it to your itinerary!

And a look at the outside of the church (note: this is NOT St. Elizabeth’s which looks very similar)
A look inside.
See: smaller is more expensive! (But, this is still only about $45)
Tall, Dark and Handsome

Good luck choosing your favorites 🙂

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