::Surprises Abound at University of Wroclaw

Sometimes it really does pay to follow strangers when you don’t know where they are going! No, mom don’t start to get worried 😉 Let me tell you a story.
As you know, I walk through the University of Wroclaw’s “campus” a lot. I just love it 🙂 But, one day, I noticed a tour group walking into a doorway that I have never been through and I decided to follow them. Low and behold – I found the most beautiful cathedral ever. It was free to enter and to listen to an audio guide, but donations are encouraged. {You will want to donate to the this church when you see how beautiful it is.}

It’s located right next door to the main University building that contains the Aula Leopoldina room. In my opinion, this cathedral was much more impressive than Aula Leopoldina, but since each are only a few steps away, take the time to see both.

Insider advice: be nice to the staff, they may just take you up the stairs to the private balcony. Believe me, it is so worth it.

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