::TripAdvisor City Guides App

After a long weekend in Vienna and Budapest, I just HAVE to rave about the TripAdvisor City Guides app for iPhone/iPod!!!
I somehow stumbled upon the free download and am so glad I did. I don’t know what I would have done without it and I can’t imagine traveling any other way. It works offline using the GPS interface and doesn’t need the internet. I repeat NO DATA needed abroad! The app can find your location, search for restaurants near you, zoom in on a city map AND it even has a “point me there” feature that tells you how far you are/what direction to walk in to get to your desired destination. OMG! Does it get better?

Here is the lowdown:

  • Download the app from iTunes (There also appears to be an Android version, but I haven’t checked that one out)
  • Download a City Guide of your choice (TripAdvisor doesn’t have all cities yet, but let’s hope they are working to grow the selection!) Note: you will need to be connected to the internet to download.
  • Search for restaurants, hotels, attractions, tours, etc. and save your favorites.
  • You can review your saved places at anytime. We also used this as a checklist to ensure we physically saw all of our “saved” destinations.
  • Once in the City, you can look at a map to see which of your saved locations are close to you, read the last 20 reviews from TripAdvisor.com, find metro stations, anything really. If you find yourself asking, “hmm wonder what that huge building is?”- you can use the app to see what buildings you are close to and voila! Problem solved!
We used this all day, every day. When we were hungry, we would pull out the app, search for nearby restaurants, read the restaurant reviews and decide if it was worth going to. No more excuses for bad meals! We even used it to make sure we were walking in the right direction to attractions. And, at the end of the night after a few brews, we were able to “point me there” to our hotel so we didn’t have to think too hard 😉 Lovely, isn’t it?

Do yourself a favor and download this app for your next vacation, stat!

Note: This was NOT a paid endorsement, but TripAdvisor, please contact me if you’d like 😉

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