::Vienna, Austria (Part I)

Vienna (or Wien as it is called in Austria) just might be my favorite place in the world to date. It is filled with cafés, restaurants, classical music, chocolate (YUM!), coffee (double YUM!) and the best window shopping I have ever encountered. Every corner is filled with beauty. No detail has been overlooked. I honestly could wander through the streets of Vienna forever…

It took us about five and a half hours to drive from Wroclaw, Poland to Wien, Austria. As we arrived, though the city was beautiful, we were a bit skeptical. Why were there no people walking around? Why were all the shops closed? After a bit of research, it turns out that the day we arrived was a national holiday (The Assumption of Mary). Truthfully, this worked out to our advantage: free parking all day (we were anticipating at least $40 USD) and the top attractions/restaurants were still open to the public. The only thing we missed that day was going inside all the local shops. We could still window shop and visit any favorites the following day when they reopened. All’s well that ends well.
As I am sure you have gathered, my absolute favorite thing about Vienna was just wandering the cobblestone streets. I feel that these images just do not do the city justice, as it is hard to capture that feeling you get while walking around this city. Here is a look at Part I of Vienna.
Green copper tops down nearly every street {l.o.v.e.}
This is the Ankeruhr Vienna Clock located in Hoher Market (or ‘Markt’).
Each hour, a gilded figure appears accompanied by organ music. At noon, each of the twelve figures appear.
Vienna is on the Danube River – but this is not it {though we thought it was for about 6 hours}.
Next, we walked to the famous St. Stephen’s Cathedral known for its multi-colored tiled roof. Beautiful, yes – BUT beware: there are many people dressed as Mozart trying to lure tourists to go to a ‘Mozart’ concert (Mozart composed many of his most famous symphonies in Vienna). I have no idea if the concert is good or not since we didn’t go, but my guess is it is just a tourist trap. (One time, we went to a ‘concert’ in Prague and we ended up in the hall of a church basement.) Anyways, all these Mozarts walking around made me annoyed and distracted from the beauty of the church. Definite tourist area, but a must-see when in Vienna.

And this brings us to the end of Part I of Vienna.  Check back soon to see the rest of Vienna on Morning Kawa. 
(Update: Vienna Part II and Part III live on the blog!)

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