::Vienna, Austria (Part III)

Our second day in Vienna was filled less with tourist attractions and more of experiencing the local flair (since the town was now open after being closed the day before due to a national holiday). What an amazing place. This is why I love this city.  Each corner more beautiful than the last. I just cannot wait to come back. Two days was just not enough. Here is a look into our second (and final) day in Vienna, Austria.

As you very well know, there is no better way to start your morning than with a cup of kawa and being in Vienna is no different. We started our morning at Cafe Central. I don’t typically review restaurants that we visit, unless they are extraordinary and this place is definitely worthy of mention. The only word I can use to describe this restaurant is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Amazing breakfast, amazing staff, amazing interior, amazing pastries and (of course) amazing coffee. Seek this place out if you plan to visit Vienna.
After an incredible start to the day, we were fueled up and ready to roam. We were blessed with beautiful weather to accompany us as we explored this beautiful city. Here is a look at some ‘off the beaten path’ photos.
We are now the proud parents of this blue owl. Purchased for 20 Euros. Ceramic and hand-crafted in Vienna.
Ivy in design.
Some of the amazing doors.
(you may recognize the middle door knockers from my Vienna, Part I post)
Ok, so maybe I lied a little bit, we did do one touristy thing on day two: we paid a visit to the Prater Ferris Wheel. It was a bit out of the city, but it was a nice walk along the river and a quick tram ride back. Was it worth it? I am not sure (really, it is just an amusement park), but we got some great photos and saw the iconic wheel that was constructed in 1897. It is free to enter the park but tickets to ride the wheel are sold separately.
And just like that our time in Vienna had come to an end and we were off to Budapest. Until we meet again, Vienna.
(Be sure not to miss Vienna Part I and Vienna Part II to experience the entire weekend.)

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