::Budapest, Hungary (Part I)

And we are now off to Budapest, Hungary! It took much longer than anticipated to drive from Vienna, Austria to Budapest, Hungary – about 3 hours in total. However, little did we know that Budapest was the city of construction, and we sat in construction for at least an hour after we got into the ‘Pest’ side of the city (where we were staying). If you didn’t know, Budapest is composed of two cities: ‘Buda’ and ‘Pest’…separated by the Danube river. The cities were combined in 1873 as what we now know to be Budapest.

Quickly after arriving, we checked into our hotel (the K&K Hotel Opera, which is a great spot if you are looking for a nice, affordable place in a great location in the city. It also offers parking, which is apparently rare in the city. I love when things work out like that). I had no idea what to expect from Budapest and I was pleasantly surprised.

The first sight we saw upon arrival was St. Stephen’s Basilica. A beautiful building located in a beautiful square. This building is of equal height to the Hungarian Parliament building (96 meters, or 315 feet), to symbolize the balance between church and state. In fact, according to regulation, no other building in Budapest can be higher than 96 meters. (More to follow on this basilica later.)

Some parts of Budapest reminded me so much of Vienna.

We then ventured down to the Danube River, wandering the beach and admiring the views of the Buda Castle. I think I have taken more photos of this castle facade than anything else.
Ever. (But I’m ok with that.)

Insider tip: Take your photos from the Pest side in the morning and from the Buda side in the afternoon to have less sun glare. (We didn’t learn this until day two.)

Our first evening in Budapest was wonderful: we shopped in Hungarian stores, ate at Hungarian restaurants and drank the Hungarian wines. We then witnessed an amazing sunset as ‘Buda’ began to illuminate with lights. Budapest is both lovely and romantic.

And on our walk home, I captured my favorite picture of the weekend in the party square of Pest.

(Update: Budapest, Part II and Part III now live)

6 thoughts on “::Budapest, Hungary (Part I)

  1. Hey Jackie,
    As somebody who has been living in Budapest since day 0 of his life (I have been around since then in most parts of Europe), but I like it if people see the city as I do: as a place that offers something for everyone. You should visit some time again, there are many buildings and other places of interest, that have been completed like Metro Line number 4, Kossuth square next to the parliament and the Várkert Bazaar in the side of the Castle Hill… So welcome back one day..:)


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