::Ultimate Wroclaw Flea Market

Ok friends, I know I have posted before about an antique flea market in Wroclaw, but that place has NOTHING on the market we went to this past Sunday! Welcome to Plac Targowy Swiebodzki!

Located in the Wroclaw old railroad station on Sunday mornings from 10am-3pm. If you need anything at all, be sure to come here first. They have everything (mostly new) from bags and shoes to bikes and couches. They even have fresh produce stands. (Note: if looking for antiques, this is not the place to go.) 

Have you not always been looking for a bright orange love seat?
The magnitude of this market is unbelievable. I would guess that there are miles of blue and white striped tents to walk through and the prices can’t be beat! I bought the cutest grey and white (my favorite colors) striped blazer here for 5 USD (!!) and I can’t wait to go back this weekend to scoop up some last-minute sundresses. For 30 USD I may be able to redo my entire dress collection. I love it here already.
Even if you don’t plan on buying anything, if you have the time while in Wroclaw be sure to check this place out. And don’t worry, if you can’t find those perfect flats here, it is an experience nonetheless.
Insider tip: We went at 1pm and the vendors were already starting to pack up so be sure to arrive earlier in the morning. 
Happy hunting!

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