::A Horse Track in Wroclaw?

First of all, let me apologize for being away from you all the past few days! I’ve been busy soaking in every last drop of Summer! And, lucky you, one of those ‘Summer drops’ was a trip to the Wroclaw Horse Track called Partynice. (P.S. I love this name!) What’s that you ask? There is a horse track in Wroclaw, Poland? Why, yes. Yes, there is.

When I heard there was a horse track in Wroclaw I was surprised and excited! How have I never heard of this before? And why have I never been? It was then, on a beautiful September day, when we finally ventured to the track. And, when I say ventured, I really do mean ventured. I could not tell you how we got there (the normal tram line was detoured when we went) but I am sure glad we found it. Lucky for me, the weather for wandering could not have been more perfect – my shoes on the other hand, a different story…but I digress 😉 Here is a look at some sights we passed on the way to the track.

Upon our arrival to the Partynice horse track, I was pleasantly surprised. It was not an official event day, so it really was just beautiful, serene landscape the day we visited. There were horses running about on the field, hay bails being delivered and the smell of fresh-cut grass overtook our senses.

Insider tip: Entrance is free (on non-event days) but visitors are asked to walk on the outside of the track. Be advised: the outside of the track is a bit muddy. Wear appropriate shoes 😉 Consider yourself warned.

You know me, usually I have lots of color commentary to add to my adventures, but I feel like these images really speak for themselves – hope you don’t mind.

Of course, no trip to the track would be complete without seeing the grandstands.
All I can say is find the time for a wander around the track one day while in Wroclaw. And, I am sure the actual events are every bit as enjoyable.

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