::Wroclaw Royal Palace

I bet you didn’t know there was a palace in Wroclaw, Poland did you?!? Well – here it is and it is walking distance from the Rynek, which always makes life just a bit easier.

The palace (simply called the “Wroclaw Royal Palace” in English) is now an art museum. And (if you’re into art) it’s worth visiting. At a minimum, the building itself is worth seeing. Walk on over if you find an extra five minutes. It’s located a block or so from the Monopol Hotel.

(I love the motorcyclist in the corner of this image)
Anyways, now through the 30th of September (2013) the Palace is hosting the Brueghel Family art collection that I recently attended. I toured with an English speaking guide, which I may have enjoyed more if I really was super into art. I prefer more to look at pieces at my own pace and then move on. With a guide, I felt that I was on their schedule – but to each their own… However, the guide did tell me that ‘still life’ paintings are called ‘dead nature’ in most of Europe and it may have been worth having the guide just for that. I love that expression for artwork. Dead Nature.
Obviously, we couldn’t take photos inside the museum but my favorite works were actually from the lesser famous ‘Bruegal’: Jan Bruegal. Here are some images from art.com. Peter B. on the left and Jan B. on the right.
Jan Brueghel actually has a series of paintings representing different allegories. The Allegory of…Music, Smell, Hearing, Sight, Taste, Touch, Fire, Water, Abundance, etc. I really enjoyed this series and found it interesting to represent one word through many images. Again from art.com, here is a look at the Allegory of Music.

From what I hear, after Wroclaw, this exhibit moves on to Paris and Amsterdam next.

Of course, no Palace would be complete without a courtyard. Enjoy the view.

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