::Polish Pottery In Wroclaw

I am sure you have heard of Polish Pottery before, especially if you are from the States. The funny thing is that when you get to Wroclaw, there are not a ton of stores that carry it for purchase, let alone these cool ceramic necklaces (made for about $10 USD)!

Where can you find it, you ask? Well, let me tell you.

FYI Usually, tourist shops sell some (overpriced) pieces but other than that, there isn’t much. HOWEVER – there is one store off the beaten path that has a fabulous selection at pretty good prices straight from Boleslawiec (the town where the pottery is made): Ceramika Boleslawiecka.

(This is what the outside of the store looks like.)
It’s not the most glamorous shop, but it is close to Cathedral Island and definitely walkable from the Rynek. {Well, at least you can walk there…it may be hard to walk home with all your purchases 😉 }
Wroclaw, Sienkiewicza 10
Here is a link to the Boleslawiec website – looks like you can also buy online!
And here are some ok directions from me: (Let me add, I am not the best with giving directions. But these so-so directions paired with the actual address may help you find this store):
  • Go over the red metal bridge, across from Hala Targowa, onto Cathedral Island.
  • Keep walking straight. (The restaurant located on a large boat will be on your left)
  • keep going straight until you see the ING building on the left. Turn right here. You will go under a creepy archway/tunnel.
  • The store will be on the lefthand side of the street. (About 200 meters from where you turned at the ING building.)
You’re welcome, in advance.

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