::Horseback Riding in the Mountains

Holy Cow! (or should I say, Holy Horse?) We just got back from an amazing weekend in the Czech Republic horseback riding through the hills. Though it is not quite ‘glamping’ (defined as: glamorous camping) it was one of the best trips of my life.

The Ranch Gallop is located in Eastern Bohemia, Nachod, Czech Republic and is quite possibly the hardest place to find in the world. No signs or roads leading to the camp – just a driveway up a hill. Thankfully, we had some people in our group that had been here before. But, turns out, the location is perfect and it is only two hours from Wroclaw making this a great overnight trip.
This getaway is so worth the experience. Not to mention, it wasn’t very expensive (about 12 euro/night and a little over 12 euro/ride, depending on the number of people in your riding group/how long you go). I was told I can plan trips like this anytime I want 🙂 Here is a look at the accommodations, which the owner BUILT by hand with a friend. (Housing images are from Ranch Gallop’s website. I have no idea why I didn’t take pictures of these cute houses…too busy horsing around, I guess. That was a bad joke, I know.)
I should have mentioned that the only reason this place isn’t glamping is because there is no running water. This is the shower. Not lying. Heat the water in the fireplace and use those black buckets.
That said, here is the outhouse – the facilities are referred to as ‘cowboy style’ on the website. Now I know what that means 😉
Can you believe that I really LOVED it here!? Hopefully, these pictures help to explain.
First things first, thirty-two horses just roam the hills in scenery that is pure perfection. It doesn’t get much better than that.
And, horseback riding through the forest is just so relaxing. We weren’t allowed to bring our cameras riding because we were too busy galloping through the woods. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? The only problem is that I just don’t have any photos of us on the horse but here are some of the horses saddled. P.S. the guide makes all the saddles by hand. What can this guy not do?
It goes without saying that the guide who runs this place is fabulous, like, the real deal cowboy. His wife also makes all his riding clothes. And, he told us that he spent years herding cattle in Montana. If you’re curious, his English is perfect, as are his pants.
No ranch would be complete without a ranch dog. She’s the cutest and just wants to play fetch all day.
One thing I haven’t mentioned yet is that there are also herds of bison here. But, they aren’t very friendly. I was kinda terrified of them.
Probably the best thing about this place and what makes it so relaxing is that they have both an ‘indoor’ smoke house (the grass hut below) and outside campfire. (Notice the chairs carved out of a tree and the table made of rocks. Also handmade.) Even though it was raining the night we visited, we were able to sit by the indoor fire, grill food and just relax.
I cannot recommend this place enough. It was such a unique experience and I can’t wait to get on a horse and go riding again. I’m officially hooked.

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