::Fall Market in Wroclaw, Poland

For anyone who lives in a climate with true Fall weather, you will understand that there is nothing quite like it: the leaves begin to change, it’s Pumpkin Spice season at Starbucks (yes, even here in Poland) and us ladies can finally wear scarfs and riding boots again… it is all just so perfect.
Here is another reason to love Fall: this cute outdoor market currently in Wroclaw, Poland.

These fabulous shops are located in front of Mary Magdalene Church (conveniently, right next to my favorite antique shop). I have no idea how long they are on display for, so if you’re interested in visiting them, you better hop on over there as soon as possible.
The stores are filled with fabulous randomness.
From woodworked items for the kitchen….
To bright wooden toys…
…amazing handcrafted saddlebags (do these make you want to fly to Poland or what?)
…and lunch made on a wood-burning stove…
…a glass of wine to warm you up…
…and a side of olives to cool you down…
…perfect pumpkins…
…bread and honey…
and Polish Pottery. What more could you ask for?
I just loved it here at this Outdoor Market in Wroclaw ❤


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