::Wroclaw Philharmonic

This past Friday, we attended the season opener of the Wroclaw Philharmonic – the best part? Tickets were only 40 PLN (so about $12 USD) and there was not a bad seat in the house.

It was a great orchestra and I would highly recommend attending. (I know, I recommend pretty much everything in this city, but at least I am giving you options, right?)
It is walkable from the Rynek, though we got lost…were late…and… missed the first half of the show. Like in the US, if you are late, they make you wait until intermission to enter. So my advice is to be on time.
And, more important advice: if you plan on walking know the phrase, “Gdzie jest filharmoni?” which means, “Where is the philharmonic?” in Polish.  I was so thankful I knew how to ask for directions, otherwise we may have never made it. 😉
Don’t be intimidated by the exterior of the building. Even though it doesn’t look too impressive from the outside (well, in comparison to the Opera House), the performance is extraordinary!

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