::Wroclaw Opera House

I have walked past the Wroclaw Opera House numerous times, but this week I actually went to a show held there: The Nutcracker Ballet! Though it wasn’t an Opera performance, it brought back great memories of being in the Nutcracker Ballet when I was growing up. A fabulous performance in a fabulous theatre.

The architectural details both in and outside the theatre are amazingly breathtaking.

Unlike The Philharmonic, there are bad seats in the Wroclaw Opera theatre. How do I know? Well, we were in them – back row of the top balcony. We were also next to a middle school field trip, which didn’t help… I actually shhh’ed them. Never in my life did I think I would be the one shh’ing middle schoolers, but there I was being old… In the end, however, it was a fabulous performance and I really did enjoy myself, shh’ing and all 😉
And a look at the actual Nutcracker performance:
I hear The Nutcracker Ballet is returning in November and I cannot wait to go again. Plus, tickets were only 35 PLN (so about $11 USD). A great way to kick off the holiday spirit!

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