::Dawny Bastion Wroclaw

While walking through the streets of Wroclaw, I instantly fell in love with the crumbling structure of the Dawny Bastion Sakwowy in Wroclaw (also known as Partisan Hill). It’s not listed as a ‘top sight to see’ anywhere and, in fact, it is hard to find in guidebooks at all but it might just be my favorite building in all of Wroclaw for the potential I see here.
When I wander through the stairs and columns, I get this rich feeling that is just so hard to capture in photos. In fact, I took some photos for this post a few days ago and while going through them, I just couldn’t find images that captured what I was feeling. So, I went back to the Bastion this morning to see if I was imagining things. Thankfully, I was not (phew!) – I was brought right back to that feeling of a grand history again this morning.
After some digging, I found some photos of what this building looked like once upon a time. Even though this goes against my blogger oath to only use my own photos, I feel that I need to lead with an image I found from before WWII to help get your mind into the feeling I am trying to convey. I want you to feel the potential I see here and I think this image helps to show just that.
Anyways, here is what it looks like today. (The tower above was removed during WWII so it could not be used as a reference point.) I know it sounds strange, but I can just see a fantastic, extravagant party happening here. Let me show you how.

When I think of the best party of all time, I think of the party scene from the movie Meet Joe Black – men dressed in black ties, women in long dresses, the orchestra playing in the background, cafe lights strung over cocktail tables, fireworks in the background- you get the idea. Can’t you just see this terrace filled with all that glamour?
And the guest tables looking out from the covered archways towards the terrace? I know it might take some imagination here, but even if you can’t see the glamous party I see, what about a ‘Shabby Chic’ wedding? 😉
As you walk around the back corner and down a few stairs the beauty continues along a riverside trail…
Instead of thinking I am off my rocker, come to Wroclaw, visit the Bastion (it’s a block from the Galeria Dominikanska Mall) and see if you can find the potential that I see here. I want nothing more than to help restore this structure to what I know it can be and if anyone hears of any restoration efforts, please contact me, I’d be happy to volunteer my time.

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