::Wroclaw Ossolineum

When most people talk about the Wroclaw Ossolineum, they usually refer to the fact that it houses the second largest library collection in Poland (behind Krakow) and that it has writings from Copernicus and drawings from Rembrandt. I, however, am most impressed with the courtyard 😉 It’s my absolute favorite courtyard in the whole entire city and what I envision my backyard to look like one day. (Wishful thinking, I know… but a girl can dream right?)

As with most things I find in this city, I found this fabulous courtyard just by walking around getting lost in my new hometown of Wroclaw, Poland. I was strolling along the streets surrounding the University of Wroclaw and decided to walk through some beautiful iron gates that I passed. Much to my amazement, these doors opened up into this beautiful scene!
Ugh, don’t you just love it?! Sometimes, I stop in here after grocery shopping at the Hala Targowa market (it’s only a block or so from there) and just walk along the hedges. This courtyard brings me much peace and tranquility. (Yes, even though there is a lot of red on the buildings it’s still peaceful. I promise.)
If you find yourself in Wroclaw looking for something to do, head over to the Ossolineum. Bring a book, grab a coffee, sit on a bench and soak it all in. Not to mention, it’s free to enter. Enjoy!

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