::Beaches of Sopot, Poland

I am pretty sure Sopot is the best town in all of Poland. It has fabulous beaches, views, shopping, spas, restaurants and, not to mention, it even has seagulls. What more could you possibly need in a perfect town? 😉

As I mentioned in a previous post, we took the train from Gdansk to Sopot, which cost about $3 (US) roundtrip… umm what? The train runs about every 20 minutes from the main station and is about a 15 minute express/30 minute local trip. Once you arrive in the Sopot station, follow the signs to the center of town and walk through the prominade straight onto the pier. It’s about a 10 minute walk from the rail station to the start of the pier.
Here it is – the longest wooden pier in Europe! MOLO! (That’s the name of the pier, not associated with the term ‘YOLO’.)
Fun fact: the pier is over 515 meters long. It took us a while just to walk to the end of it and back. However, since every inch of the walk has breathtaking views, it does take a bit longer when you are stopping to take a photo every minute.
The beach/pier is what you want to see here, but I was pleasantly surprised by Sopot’s downtown – it felt to be recently developed. Everything appeared squeaky clean and brand new. For my friends on the Northeast, Sopot shops felt a bit like West Hartford, Connecticut’s Blue Back Square. It also has the famed Crooked House, which I was very excited to see. However, turns out it is part of a mall and was built in 2004 so the house loses a bit of charm. Plus, someone planted a big ‘ol tree in front of it so you can’t even really see how crooked it is. Poor planning. But here it is 🙂
As I am sure you have gathered, I cannot recommend this city enough – my only advice is to stay at least one night in Sopot. It’s such a captivating city that you won’t want to leave.

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