::Tips for Flying WizzAir

We just got back from an incredible trip to Amsterdam this past weekend (more to come on this design-centric city later) – for now, I would like to share just a few tips regarding the budget airline, Wizz Air, that got us from Poland to The Netherlands (for less than $40, might I add).
I was expecting my experience to be terrible, but Wizz Air was actually not too bad. Here’s what to expect/how to avoid incurring extra costs.

Booking Your Ticket: When you book your ticket you will be asked a series of add on features that you can choose to include, or not.

  • Priority Boarding: So you know, there are no assigned seats on Wizz Air. Seats are available on a first come, first serve basis. However, you can add Priority Boarding when you book your ticket to get on the plane first/avoid waiting in a cattle line. We did not add this, and were able to get 2 seats next to eachother no problem.
    • Advice: Add if you do not want to wait in line the entire time you are at the airport.
  • Luggage: Wizz air has a strange baggage allowance. Only one bag per person (this includes purses/briefcases). Here are the dimensions:
    • Free Luggage: 16″ x 12″ x 9.8″ (note: these are the dimensions stated on the website, however, when you get to the airport they have a container that if your luggage fits in it, it is free and I swear that container is larger than these specs here…)
    • Large cabin baggage (carryon for a fee): 22″ x 17″ x 9.8″  – I ended up opting for this option for 10 Euro as my carry on was a bit larger.
    • Of course, you can check large bags, too…for a fee.
    • Advice: Make sure you add on the bags before you get to the airport. It is way cheaper to add them before, like 60% cheaper. You can add them after you book your ticket up to the day before your flight. So if you aren’t sure you need it and want to wait until you pack, that is an option as well. You will need to reprint your boarding pass if you add later.
    • Note that we did not have our bags physically checked for size on either flight, so it is up to you if you want to take chances. They also were not checked for weight, though I think it is 10 kg (22 pounds) for a large cabin bag.
  • Boarding Pass: 
    • You can checkin online/print your boarding pass up to 30 days before you flight. If you don’t pre-print your boarding pass you will be charged at the airport.
    • Advice: Even if you pre-print your boarding pass, you still have to wait in line to “check in” – here is where they check your passport/give you the ok to board the plane. FYI this is not listed anywhere…but if you don’t do it, they can make you go back to wait in line at the counter.

Plus, you get a pretty cool magazine once you’re on board the flight 😉 Anyways, I think that is it! Here is a link to the latest Wizz Air baggage policy.

Happy [budget] travels.

2 thoughts on “::Tips for Flying WizzAir

  1. We have flown 3 of the discount European carriers. Cattle lines everywhere. The cost is worth the hassle though. What do you think of the Polish custom of applauding when the plane lands safely? Every time I hear it, I think they must be thinking, “That hardly ever happens!”


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