:: Dingle, Ireland

The first town we visited on our weekend trip to Ireland was Dingle. This town is located on a quaint, little peninsula and was oh so lovely. National Geographic called Dingle one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and I couldn’t agree more. Don’t forget that as you look at these pictures, the white dots in the fields (as seen below) are actually sheep!

Dingle was so captivating that I ended up taking more photos than I know what to do with and it is a bummer they are a bit gloomy due to the rain, but that’s Ireland in November, right? I can only imagine what this place looks like when the sun is shining and the mountains are clear. Even so, it was breathtaking and falls amongst the top places I have ever seen – and, I am a much more reliable source than NatGeo 😉 
Here is a look at our whimsically relaxing trip to the Dingle Peninsula.
We started our trip with a drive on Slea Head Road, which winds through the cliffs with breathtaking seaside views and beaches. It took us about a half a day because we couldn’t help but stop every minute to take photos. Seriously stunning.
When on Slea Head Drive, make sure to drive clockwise to ensure you are driving in the same direction as the tour buses – the roads are small and get even smaller if you have to share the cliffside drive with a tour bus. Be warned 😉
As we were driving, we came across this amazing beach.  The waves were angry – but still so beautiful.
As you venture around the Peninsula, you will see sooo many sheep. Not only common to Dingle, but Ireland in general. We also found that almost all the sheep were spray painted different colors, which, come to find out, is to show who owns which sheep in shared fields.
We joked that this one just got back from a rave.
But in all seriousness, sheep make Ireland complete.
The Dingle Peninsula is not only the home of sheep, but also the Sleeping Giant. If you look closely at the rock formation below, there appears to be a man sleeping in the water. (You’re looking at the rock in the island furthest from you.)
The area is just filled with RomCom-worthy picturesque scenery.
After our drive, we spent the evening walking around Dingle Town, ate fish and chips and drank Guinness. Yum! And then found our way back to the THE BEST bed and breakfast in Dingle Town, Coastline B&B. It was affordable and had a scrumptious breakfast. Not to mention, it was only about a 10 minute walk into downtown with fabulous views. It was perfect and I highly recommend it. Plus, it’s a 5-Star B&B. Ahh..the benefits of off-season traveling.
Anyway, in November, it gets dark at about 4:30 p.m. so I waited until day 2 to take pictures of the town. BUT…surprise…it rained even harder the next morning and these photos are actually taken from the car window on the way out of town.
Of course, I still had time to stop in the wool store and buy a handmade sweater from Dingle 🙂
On our way out of town to Killarney, we found Inch Beach (~15 minutes from Dingle Town). Go to Inch Beach! Amazing. It was beyond cloudy the morning we went, but just imagine this place on a clear day.
And, if you look hard enough…
…you may find one crazy person surfing in the November rain.
Next up: Killarney, The Gap of Dunloe and Limerick complete this trip to Ireland.

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