:: Plac Nowy Targ

Today is Wednesday – you know what that means!? It’s Wroclaw Wednesday! Today’s feature is Plac Nowy Targ (New Market Square). This market square randomly has metal lawn chairs placed in a circle. I just had to learn more.

Turns out, this square has been around for a long, long time. In the early twelfth century, this was once the location of trading stalls before they were moved to the Market Hall. Now, this area has (wait for it) an underground car park, 20 metal chairs placed in a circle, free WiFi and an occasional pop up market. Exciting isn’t it.
While researching, I found many negative articles about this design. It sounds like this was an architectural contest in 2010 and this was the winning plan that just opened in 2013. Must have been a tough competition 😉
People of Wroclaw were upset calling it a ‘concrete jungle’, complaining that there was no greenery. I also read that residents were mad that the chairs were made of black metal. They said something like, “Come on, when the sun is out, you can’t sit in them because they are too hot.” Seems to me like a lot of fuss for some free WiFi and chairs that are almost always full of people. Plus, this is the only place I could find pumpkins for our Halloween Party, so of course I think it is great.
Oh, and I also love this coffee truck in the image below. It’s called, “Coffee is Coming” but when the sides open it says, “Coffee is here.” Pretttyyy clever.
What do you think? Do you hate it? Do you even care about these chairs at all?

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