:: How to Make a Rope Vase

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I am sure you have been busy searching Pinterest for ‘Thanksgiving Tablescapes’ – I know I have been.  That’s why I can’t wait to share with you my latest DIY project: a rope vase! I plan to use it for our Thanksgiving table, but you can use it all year long. Yeah! Not to mention, it’s super easy and super cheap. The best kind of DIY project.

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for: the how to.
Step 1:
Find yourself a glass jar. This one happens to be a spaghetti sauce jar, but anything would work. Clean it out and remove the label with water and soap. I would recommend a circular jar just to keep it simple, but if you want to get fancy – that’s always encouraged!
Step 2:
At the bottom of the lip of the jar, place a small dot of hot glue and adhere the edge of your twine.
Step 3: 
Apply a line of glue directly on the jar from the bottom to the top edge of the jar. Wrap twine around the jar tightly until you get the the top. It’s ok if there are gaps in the twine, you’ll come back over it to cover them. (Notice we aren’t cutting the twine at all.)
Step 4a:
Now, it’s time to complete the very top row of your vase. Apply small dots of glue along the circular edge of the jar and place twine over top. Your twine should be flush with the very top edge of the jar.
Step 4b:
After the top row is complete, you’re now ready to wrap the twine down to complete the entire top lip of the jar. Just like before in step 3, place one small line of glue on one side of the jar. Wrap twine around tightly and cover the gaps to look like this:
Step 5: 
Working in 1/4″ sections, keep applying a line of glue to one side of the jar and wrap the twine. You can tell it is a bit messy, but that’s ok the twine will cover it! (Note that if you apply more than this amount of glue, your glue will dry before you have a chance to cover it.)
Step 6:
While the glue from Step 5 is still hot, wrap twine tightly in a circular motion over the glue, moving down the jar. Ensure there are no spaces between the rope layers. Also be sure not to wrap too tight or the twine will creep up on the other side – the goal is to keep the rows straight. The twine should be secured by just the one seam of glue. Once your first 1/4″ section is complete – glue, wrap and repeat until you reach your last 1/4″ section.
Here’s what mine looked like after two sections.
And after a few more. Progress.
Step 7: As mentioned, continue working in 1/4″ secctions until you reach the bottom of the jar. See the space left on the bottom?
Step 8:
Now, just like you did at the top row in Step 4a, apply small dots of glue along the entire bottom to secure. (If you don’t do this, your rope will slide off the bottom.) It works best to turn the jar upside-down and glue one line at a time until complete, just make sure the twine is flush with the bottom of the jar, otherwise, your vase will be crooked. And no one likes a crooked vase.
Step 9: 
Once the entire bottom is covered to your liking, it’s time to cut the twine! Glue the end seamlessly into place and there you have it – a rope vase to be thankful for!
I just love, love, love it!
Stay tuned to see our entire Thanksgiving tablescape 🙂

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