:: Limerick, Ireland

Ok. I feel like I have been talking about Ireland for like a year, but this is the last destination on our Ireland road trip: Limerick, Ireland.
Not that Limerick was a “destination” by any means, it just happened to be about 20 minutes from the Shannon airport, so it was more of a convenience destination. However, it was a nice place to stay for a night. If you’re looking for somewhere near the airport this is a great choice.

Limerick was a pretty large town with numerous bars and shops. This town also is home to the best hotel and restaurant that we visited throughout our entire trip to Ireland, so there’s that.
Here are a few recommendations if you ever find yourself in Limerick:
Where to Eat: The Locke – so good and so perfect. Live music, fabulous fish and chips along with beer taps in the table. I’m not sure it gets any better than that.
Where to Stay: STAY AT THE SAVOY! It was fabulous. The best hotel we have (possibly ever?) stayed at. An affordable, five star hotel. Seriously, stay here. Again, a bonus to off-season travel!
Other than that, there is a river, some fun painted houses, a Polish shop and a castle.

We did not tour the castle, but from the outside it was not too impressive (if we’re being honest).

OMG I almost forgot. The Christmas window displays here were fabulous – and in early November. To say Ireland loves the holidays would be an understatement. This one is at department store Brown Thomas.
Overall, a cute little town near the Shannon Airport and in that regard, it’s a perfect place to start or end your trip.
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– Dingle

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