:: Vitbis Christmas Ornaments, Made in Poland

I know I teased you a bit with my Christmas Ornament post last week, so here it is – a factory tour of Christmas bulb manufacturer Vitbis right here in Poland! This is the largest hand-made glass ornament factory in Poland and one of the largest in all of Europe. And because Christmas is in just a few days (or, maybe just because?), get ready for some Vitbis GLITTER!!!

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:: Christmas Ornaments from Poland

As my Instagram followers know, a few weeks ago, I was able to go to a Christmas bulb manufacturer here in Poland and learn how these festive decorations are made. In the meantime, here is a teaser looking at the bulbs I purchased during my factory visit.
Don’t you just love them!
And a few more photos of my teal and white Christmas ornaments…

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:: Rome in Three Days (Day Three)

After visiting the more popular destinations in Rome, like the Vatican and the Colosseum, on Days One and Two, our third day in Rome was a very relaxing one. Though we didn’t have a full day in the city due to our flight back to Wroclaw later that evening, it was a much needed day to just unwind and explore.
We started our morning with a walk to Piazza del Popolo which lies at the base of a huge park.

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:: Wroclaw Lamplighter

I have officially found my favorite thing about Wroclaw!!! (No, really. I swear you’ll love it, too.) Please welcome the Cathedral Island lamplighter 🙂
This guy physically walks around Cathedral Island at dusk and lights all the lamps. How cute is that?! I had heard about him before but I hadn’t witnessed it for myself yet. So off I went, trying to be a member of the paparazzi…I wish I was kidding. 

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:: Guest Post/ Creating New Traditions

Earlier this month I was asked to write a guest post for the Expat Loop blog! Yeah! Being that the holidays are quickly approaching, I wanted to share my story here on Morning Kawa as well. I think it may help you think a bit differently this year. So here it is:

As you know, I currently live in Wroclaw, Poland which has enabled me to meet people from all over the world: France, Sweden, South Africa, Ethiopia, really anywhere – you name it and someone from there probably lives here in Wroclaw! It’s been a great way to open my eyes to traditions and customs beyond that of the US. However, the story that has most opened my eyes is a fairly recent one and I can’t wait to share it with you to maybe open yours during this upcoming holiday season…
One of my best friends is moving to India next month from America on an expat assignment. While I was at lunch one day here in Wroclaw, someone from India joined our table. In the spirit of starting a conversation and thinking of my friend moving to his home country, I asked him, “What should my friend bring to India when she moves there?”

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:: Rome in Three Days (Day Two)

Alrighty, I finally finished sorting through hundreds of photos from Day Two of our trip to Rome, Italy and I am ready to share!  Our second day was just as beautiful as the first day in Rome but focused more on the ancient sights that we all know and love.
Here is a look at our Day Two Itinerary of my Three Days in Rome series.
Colosseum and Roman Forum:

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