:: Holiday Tablescape with DIY Gold Leaf Table Runner

Welcome back to work for all you kids out there who had a nice long weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving. I hope it was fabulous! Our Thanksgiving was wonderful – My tablescape was even featured on HGTV‘s Instagram account. So thankful for that!
I want to take a moment to share my almost famous Thanksgiving table with you and give you a fun DIY project that involves leaves and spray paint (look at the table runner…EEK I love it!) Perfect for any holiday table 🙂 I hope you enjoy.

So I am sure you notice the color scheme here: primarily red with dashes of silver and gold. I, of course, did this on purpose to keep this a fall scheme with the wheat but I also wanted to remind people that the holidays are almost here, hence the red, gold and metallics. I LOVE mixing metals so bring on the silver and gold this 2013/2014 winter season!
I actually bought the plaid napkins from Ikea and it inspired my table. I have been seeing so much tartan lately that I couldn’t live without them. It was love at first sight. The white candles are also from Ikea and have an incredible burn time, in case you are wondering.
So anyways. Let me first show you this awesome gold table runner (tutorial is located at the very bottom of this post).
It’s so easy and was a HUGE topic of conversation during dinner.
Scroll to the bottom of this page to learn how to make your DIY Gold Leaf Table Runner.  

It’s pretty cute huh?
Now let’s talk about the rest of my table. You may recognize the rope vases from a previous DIY post – here they are looking lovely.
I bought the red roses for about 1 USD each from the flower market. They are perfect and still look beautiful today (four days later). I am using sauce jars cleaned out for the vases – mostly salsa jars, but some others as well 😉
Oh and don’t miss the breadsticks placed in old spaghetti sauce jars. I love being resourceful!

There you have it. Now, you’re more than ready for the holidays with a new tablescape idea. The wheat can even be replaced with white flowers, if you want to make it even more Christmassy.

Happy Holidays! Can you believe it is December already?

Here’s How to Make a Gold Leaf Table Runner:

Two and a Half Weeks Before Your Party:
1. Collect leaves from the park. Gather different shapes and sizes. The color doesn’t matter, you’ll be covering it up anyways.
2. Rinse the leaves with water to ensure there are no new friends from the park entering into your home.
3. Towel dry and then stick the leaves flat in a book between pages. Apply weight to the top of the book to ensure the leaves dry as flat as possible. I let mine dry for 2 weeks placed in a book under a piece of heavy furniture.
At Least Two Days Before Your Party:
Now you’re leaves are dry and you’re ready to spray paint.
4. Apply one thin coat of spray paint to both sides. Make sure it is a thin coat because if not, the leaves will curl up and that’s what you want to avoid. (FYI My hands started to get cold when I was spray painting, so some of my leaves only have one side painted and that’s ok – you can’t tell. Just know that your guests will pick them up and call you out if only one side is painted. I speak from experience.)
5. Once spray painted, lay out leaves on paper towel and wait for them to dry overnight. Make sure they aren’t touching or they will stick together and break apart. Not good.
Day of your Party:

6. After the leaves are totally painted and dry, you’re ready to place them out for decor. Lay them over top of one another with the stems pointing towards the center. I created mine in the shape of a table runner, but really the possibilities are endless! Circles, squares, vase fillers – really whatever your little heart desires.

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