:: Lilou Wroclaw

Ok friends, you are in for a treat today! You know I love supporting brands from Poland and I have quite possibly found my absolute favorite one yet – Lilou.  Lilou is a Polish brand most known for its bracelets, which have even been featured in Vogue so you know they’re good 😉
Let’s just say there are quite a few Lilou boxes under my tree this year 😉
Lilou was started in Poland in 2009 and now has many store locations not just in Poland, but in Paris as well (their website is also available in many languages).

Here’s the shopping scoop and a look at the Wroclaw Store:

When you arrive to Lilou Wroclaw, you will notice the fab exterior walls feature a bit of gray and white – my fave!
Oh, and extra bonus points for the chalkboard-like black and white handwritten signs in the window.

Not to mention, that when you do enter the store, you are greeted with the aroma of a Yankee Candle burning.

Aww. So lovely. 
So you decided that you need a bracelet? Yeah! Here is what to do:
1. Choose a charm you fancy. There are a lot to choose from, how will you ever decide?
2. Do you want your charm engraved? Yes, that’s an option. (!!)
3. What color band do you want? Oh, you want more than one color, not a problem. (!!!)
So many options and who doesn’t love options?!
Let’s just take a minute to look at all these colors 😉
Just so you know – if you do visit a store and order a bracelet it takes about an hour for it to be ready – it isn’t ready immediately. Of course, if you order online you won’t have to worry about this tidbit of info.
Here is a look at my first Lilou bracelet purchased at Lilou Gdansk.
(Are you dying over the cute little bags?!)
Insider scoop: If you visit the Polish website, or the Warsaw/Poznan stores there is also the option to order leather handbags, gloves and/or scarves. It may be worth trying out Google Translate for that. Also, if you are reading the US version of the website, the store locations in Poland are not listed. Click here to see a listing of all stores, including those in Poland.
Happy shopping!

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