:: My First Interview!!!

I am over the top excited to have been featured yesterday on one of my favorite blogs, A Spot of Whimsy, for her new “Five Questions With” series that highlights new bloggers to love. (OMG she featured Morning Kawa!?)

Here is my answer to one of the five questions:
Q: Fill in the blank: “One thing Morning Kawa readers don’t know about me is _____”
A: My first job was in NYC planning events that had guest lists complete with Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang, Anna Wintour, Josie Natori, Carolina Herrera and even Bill Clinton. This job is what began my obsession with design and events… however, 
…when I wanted to replicate ideas used at these galas for my own parties, I was on a bit of a smaller budget (aren’t we all!?) so I had to learn how to ‘DIY it’ and that’s how I started my venture into the world of crafts. I owe a lot to NYC – and it owes me quite a bit, too. 😉
Be sure to check out my full interview to learn more about me and Morning Kawa.

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