:: Amsterdam Heineken Tour

I haven’t posted a Morning Kawa Ad Alert in quite a while so on this Friday, let’s talk BEER (my drink of choice)!
When we were in Amsterdam last month, we saw the ultimate advertisiment: the Heineken Experience a.k.a. a Brewery Tour. This place just radiates the Heineken brand so I thought it fit more into an ‘ad alert’ rather than squished into my Amsterdam city review and I hope you agree. It really is a walking advertisement but, surprisingly, worth a stop. I mean, look! They have a wall made out of beer bottles, doesn’t that make you want to find out more?!

So here we are at the entrance to the tour. The line is usually pretty long, but it moves quick. Plus, don’t you just love the, “Beware of Bikes” signage on the exterior of the building?! I know I do 🙂 It is so in tune with Amsterdam as a city – and that’s why I just eat it up!

Ok, so you waited in line and paid your fee (which also includes a few beers and a free gift). Fabulous. Here we go. Get ready to have the entire experience focus on different attributes of the Heineken brand, including:

1. History:

When you enter the tour, you see plenty of vintage Heineken advertisements and signs – quite possibly my favorite kind of ads. Visitors also hear a bit about the Heineken family and how it all began.
2. Tradition: 
Next, we move into the brewing room to learn about the brewing process that hasn’t changed in generations.
P.S. if these are real copper, they are worth quite a pretty penny.

3. The Brand Assets:

A. Music: The main goal of the experience is for guests to have fun and music helps achieve this throughout the entire tour. Here is a look at one of the rooms with a female DJ playing some pretty fab tunes (those are beer bottles behind her).
You can see how lights behind the beer bottles create images and words. I found this so innovative and felt that this just helped reinforce the “cool” image that this brand is trying to convey using one of their strongest assets – music.
B. The Packaging: Let’s now move into the bottling factory, which also radiates fun. (I mean, aren’t there laser lights in every bottling factory?) Here, you can also order a custom bottle engraved with your name on it. A unique gift for any Heineken fan.
C. Horses (?): The only thing I hated during the tour and felt it was offbrand is this: the horse stables. You’re not Budweiser and these aren’t the Clydesdales. Just stop. Please.
D. Sports: This is Europe and there isn’t much Europeans love more than soccer, er football

4. Social Responsibility:

What’s that? You’re asking what Heineken is doing about the environment? hehe 😉 Oh, don’t you worry your pretty little head. This brewery tour has it covered. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is alive and well in Amsterdam.

5. The Heineken Brand Platform:
All elements of the tour lead up how Heineken wants you to feel about their brand – this beer is sophisticated, smart and cool brand like me (‘me’ as in you, not just ‘me’ as in Morning Kawa). And, in my opinion, they do a great job at capturing this idea throughout the tour.

The tour ends with with two free beers, some FABULOUS music and good moods all around. Guests leave with a smile, is there really anything more a brand could want?

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