:: Wroclaw Lamplighter

I have officially found my favorite thing about Wroclaw!!! (No, really. I swear you’ll love it, too.) Please welcome the Cathedral Island lamplighter 🙂
This guy physically walks around Cathedral Island at dusk and lights all the lamps. How cute is that?! I had heard about him before but I hadn’t witnessed it for myself yet. So off I went, trying to be a member of the paparazzi…I wish I was kidding. 

But I am not even remotely kidding. I was like running circles around this guy trying to get a good photo…at one point I even ran right in front of him so he could walk towards me. He thought I was a real creep, I am sure. But I don’t mind and you shouldn’t either because now you can see this magical Wroclaw lamplighter for yourself.
First things first, I knew the lamplighter started lighting the lanterns at “dusk” – but really, what time is that?! So I went, apparently, much earlier than dusk and had some time to kill- about an hour. I am pretty sure most people thought I was getting stood up for a date as I just waited on the Tumski Bridge stalking…’err, waiting 🙂 So I started walking around the Island, taking photos and looking for a sign of lamps that had already been lit. I just love walking around Cathedral Island. It still remains my absolute favorite area of the city.
You remember Tumski Bridge from an earlier post about Ostrow Tumski (aka Cathedral Island), right? Above you can see the bridge where couples write their names on locks and throw the key in the river for good luck in their relationship.
And, of course, there is a lamplighter gnome on Tumski Bridge as well. (Personally, I think this is the hardest gnome to photograph. I can never get the lighting right.)
Here is the little gnome again below (on the left). Can we talk for a minute about the sunset I saw while waiting?! Perfection.
Then, as I looked for signs of a lamplighter, I finally found him! YEAH! But guess what? He was on his cell phone. I found this to be a bit comical as he’s dressed in his traditional garb. O well, everyone has conversations that just can’t wait, even the guy who lights the lamps.
And here’s me creepily following him around the city 😉
Honestly, it all paid off with this series of images I was able to capture.
And the very last shot I took of him… fabulous. It just goes to prove that sometimes, it takes hundreds of photos to get one good shot.
And a final look at the lock bridge with the lamps lit.
If you ever find yourself in Wroclaw, make it a point to see this guy. It was just so cool.

How to find the Wroclaw Lamplighter: Go to Cathedral Island at “dusk” (take your best guess at what time that is). He starts near the Cathedral, then goes to the Lock Bridge and finishes in a loop back towards the Cathedral. Happy Hunting!

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