:: Rome in Three Days (Day Three)

After visiting the more popular destinations in Rome, like the Vatican and the Colosseum, on Days One and Two, our third day in Rome was a very relaxing one. Though we didn’t have a full day in the city due to our flight back to Wroclaw later that evening, it was a much needed day to just unwind and explore.
We started our morning with a walk to Piazza del Popolo which lies at the base of a huge park.

Here is a look around the Piazza. The below churches are referred to as the Twin Churches.

There are also many beautiful statues here, but beautiful statues are really everywhere in Rome 🙂

The most impressive thing found in the Piazza is this Egyptian obelisk, which was brought to Rome from Egypt in 10 BC by order of Augustus.
We then climbed the stairs (found to the left of the image below) up to the park. Seriously, do this.
The views once at the top are the best we saw throughout our entire trip.
If you look closely at the image below – the center building seen in the distance is actually the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier we saw on Day Two.
Once done taking in the view, we spent a few hours exploring the park.
We even rented pedal bikes. Not the safest thing in the world…
If you have time, take a few hours to explore this park. Eventually, it will lead you to the top of the Spanish Steps.
On the Spanish Steps, there are actual painters selling their artwork. We have started to buy original artwork in the cities we visit and, until now, we had a hard time finding affordable artwork in Rome that was not mass-produced.
Here is a look at our oil painting artist – I will post a photo of the painting we purchased once it is framed 🙂
We then took some photos on the Spanish Steps.
Afterwards, we walked down side road after side road just getting lost in Italy. It was so lovely.
We saw many places for scooter parking, the vehicle of choice in Italy.

And many beautiful doors – so many in fact, I will be creating a separate post just for the doors and door knockers that are in Rome. So incredible.
And with that, our three days in Rome has, sadly, come to an end.
If you’re looking to plan a long weekend here in Rome, be sure to read our Itinerary for 3 Days in Rome:


6 thoughts on “:: Rome in Three Days (Day Three)

  1. Beautiful photos and a well-planned itinerary! Thank you for sharing. I'm going to save this on my Pinterest board and encourage our guests to check it out. Well done.


  2. Hi Jackie, what a great idea with this blog of yours. I am originally from Wroclaw but have lived with my wife in Sydney Australia for many years now. With a great interest have I read your 3 days in Rome report that we will be visiting this August whilst en route driving to Poland. We are planning to stay in Rome for some 5 days so your commentary has been a great introduction to a short Roman Holiday. Just out of interest, where in Wroclaw do you live? My mother still lives there in Wroclaw and I am looking forward to visiting this beautiful city I have left behind 30 odd years ago. I hope you have enjoyed your stay there. I am Greg and if you want to get in touch please drop me a line on grzes56@gmail.com. Have a lovely spring.


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