:: DIY: How to Use a Wax Seal

When we were in Rome last month, we wandered into the CUTEST leather goods store (address is at the bottom of this post) and I purchased my very own wax seal! You know, the kind that they used in the olden days to seal envelopes and are now starting to make a comeback on wedding invites?! – just love it. But…this was way harder to use than I thought it would be so I wanted to share a little DIY post for you. Just in case 🙂
I didn’t have any envelopes handy, so I just used a gift tag to show you but you’ll get the idea.

First things first. All you need is wax, a letter press for your seal and a lighter.

Step 1: Burn the end of your wax so that it drips onto your paper. The wax may light on fire a bit as it burns, but that’s ok just don’t light your paper on fire… I feel like I should remind you that you are playing with fire 😉
Step 2: Let the wax drip into a circular pattern about the size of a quarter but make sure your circle is large enough to cover all sides of your wax seal press.
Step 3: With the edge of your wax stick using it like a pencil, press into your melted wax while it is still wet forming a circle and getting rid of any air bubbles.
Step 4: VERY IMPORTANT! Lick the end of your metal press before you place it into the melted wax. FYI If you don’t do this step, your wax will get stuck in the press… and you will have to chip it out. See how my “F” is a bit scratched? Don’t do this.
Step 5: After licking the end of your press, place it into the wax. Let it stand here a minute or so. If you get any resistance while trying to lift it off, wait a few more seconds for it to harden.
And that’s it! Your very own wax seal! Aren’t they cute?!
If you find yourself in Rome, here is the name of the store and its three store locations in the city.
Cartoleria Pantheon dal 1910
Via della Rotonda
Via della Maddalena
Piazza Navona

One thought on “:: DIY: How to Use a Wax Seal

  1. If the wax ever gets stuck into your mold again, try placing into your freezer (or just outside in Michigan these days! Only 4 degrees here @moment with another cold from coming! brrr) Glass & metal objects often separate from the wax like magic! I do this all the time with my candle holders 🙂


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