:: Jatki Street, Wroclaw

On today’s Wroclaw Wednesday, I would like to share with you a cute little street found in the city called Jatki Street. This street is home to a handful of boutique shops and houses some of the best original artwork in the city. Due to the number of shopping malls in Wroclaw, boutique shops are few and far between which makes this street even better and worth a stroll when visiting for a taste of something original.

Jatki Street is also commonly referred to as the ‘butcher’s alley’ because it used to be a butchery. There is even a bronzed memorial in remembrance of the animals, which apparently is one of the most photographed things in Wroclaw.
I usually look for this color-blocked sign and metal paper mâché guy (?) hanging from the street light as a signal as to where the street is 🙂
Oh, and if you are interested, this is the BEST place to get something framed in the city. They do a great job at a super reasonable price.
Here is a look at a frame they made for us using artwork we purchased in Rome on the Spanish Steps 🙂 Don’t you love it?!

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