:: Wroclaw Mary Magdalene Church

Don’t you just LOVE when you find something new to do in the city you live in?! Ok, I know that walking to the Mary Magdalene Church (and exploring my fave antique store here) is no “secret” BUT did you know you can climb the stairs to a bridge on top of the church for 5 PLN (about 1.50 USD) and get this view of the city? Well now you do! Oh, and if you look closely by the clock tower (the tall building on the left), you will see the Wroclaw Christmas Tree in the Rynek. Yes, the tree was up until yesterday, February 4…

Obviously, you see that we went up the bridge at dusk. We weren’t quite sure if it would even be open, but it was – yeah! Note that if you do go at night, walking up the stairs in the dark is a bit creepy. The motion lights are a bit delayed and shadows loom down every corner. However, this also meant that we were the only ones at the top of the bridge and didn’t have to share this view with anyone else. Here’s a look off the other side at the Cathedral Island bell towers.
Since it was dark, I couldn’t get a great photo of the bridge we were standing on so I went back this morning for you 🙂  If you look closely, the bridge is at the very top connecting the two towers. See it?
The inside of the church is also beautiful (and free to enter) so make sure to take a stroll through it while you’re here 🙂
Here’s a look at the entire church so you kiddies know what building you are looking for 🙂
If you find yourself in Wroclaw, take the time to walk to the top, the walk up wasn’t too bad. And, if you just love climbing stairs of churches, don’t forget about St. Elizabeth’s. Both beautiful, completely different views of the city.

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