:: Wroclaw’s 24 Hour Bar Crawl

Did you know that Wroclaw has a handful of awesome, cheap bars open 24 hours, everyday?  Yep, it’s true and last Friday, we had our own ’24 hour bar crawl’ for our friends’ going away party. Now, don’t misinterpret that as we were out 24 hours….haha no way – we’re too old for that nowadays 😉 We just went on a bar crawl to all the 24 hour hotspots.
If you’re looking for something to do in Wroclaw for your stag/hen party (what Europeans call bachelor/bachelorette parties) or if you’re just looking for something to do, here is a look at our itinerary. Oh, let’s not forget that each of these bars offer a decent selection of all drinks – beer, wine, vodka – for 4 PLN (umm that’s about $1.50 USD/drink)!!! As if you need another reason to L.O.V.E Poland, right?!
Here is our list of 24 Hour Bars in Wroclaw; now you can plan your own bar crawl – walkable from the Rynek.

Oh, let me also clarify that I went back this morning to take photos of the bars themselves, which is why it looks so bright and sunny. But don’t you worry, each bar was just as busy on a Monday afternoon as it was on a Friday night 🙂

1. Setka – (this was my least favorite spot, maybe because it was first on our list?)

2. Bistro Przemysłowe
3. Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa
4. Przedwojenna
5. Ambasada (my favorite bar in all of Wroclaw!)
6. Nagi Kamerdyner (my second favorite bar in Wroclaw, but I don’t have a photo of it. My bad. But, it is right next to Ambasada.)
7. Lubu Dubu – the food here is honestly great, even sober.
Here is a link to all the addresses should you want to partake in this awesome adventure. You’ll get a bit of the local vibe and it is so worth it – if not for the memories, your wallet will appreciate it 😉

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