:: So, What’s With That Big Chair in Wroclaw?

Ever see something so random that you just know there has to be a story behind it? Well, that’s what today’s Wroclaw Wednesday is: a HUGE statue of a folding chair. Yes, this is real and here is what I can find out about it.
This chair itself is actually relatively new (August 2011) BUT this idea was originally proposed over 40 years ago. It wasn’t actually constructed until the guy who suggested it (a Polish artist/painter/ theatre director) died. Too bad this guy never saw his dream of a large chair statue come to life.

 This chair is just about 30 feet high and weighs about 16,000 pounds and it apparently cost the city 200,000 PLN (just over $65,000 USD). Take a minute to think about that… To me, this statue means anything is possible 😉

Is this a Top 10 thing to see in Wroclaw? Well, no, not at all – but it is a super large folding chair and I have no idea where else you would ever see one of these. Plus, it is right next to the Rynek so you don’t have to go too far out of your way. The chair can be found on ul. Rzeźnicza near Teatr Współczesny.

5 thoughts on “:: So, What’s With That Big Chair in Wroclaw?

  1. it was a project from communist art festival. they planned to put two chairs facing each other, one in wroclaw, one in poznan i suppose.
    when you will see an ikea ad on it you will know that i did it, becouse i find all communist art disguisting


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