:: Yeah! I’m a Recommended Blogger :)

I am very excited to announce that Morning Kawa is officially listed as a recommended blog for the popular expat group InterNations! YEAH! What an honor 🙂 Just in case you don’t know, InterNations is a social network for expats that helps connect people from around the world.  Following is an excerpt from my interview:

I did not have any problem adjusting to life in Poland, but I am worried about reverse culture shock – I love Wrocław so much, I don’t want to have to leave in a few years! I feel very fortunate that Wrocław is a young, university town and almost everyone here speaks English, which made it easy to adjust, especially in the beginning…The biggest difference between our lives here vs. in the States is just the ability we now have to travel around Europe. With low cost airlines Ryanair and Wizz Air flying out of Wrocław, we are able to buy plane tickets for almost nothing, going to places we may not have been able to see in our entire lives. I feel really lucky and am glad we took a chance on Wrocław!
If you would like to read the entire interview about moving to Poland from the USA, click here.

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