Getaway Guide: Karpacz, Poland

I haven’t been to a place where I feel like photos just don’t do a destination justice in a while – but today I bring you Karpacz, Poland where photos really just don’t bring this place to life. At all.  🙂

This ski/spa resort town is a short 2 hour drive from Wroclaw, Poland and is a great day trip if you’re looking for something to do. These are REAL mountains (I don’t know why, but for some reason I was expecting a little, man-made hill like we see in Michigan). Nope. Check out the mountains as you drive into Karpacz.

I did not mean to take a photo of this sign – I was just trying to capture the mountains – but it is kinda interesting, so I thought I would post it.  It translates to: ‘Accidents’ – apparently involving people.
Anyways, the first thing we went to see was the Wang Stave Church. Seriously, UNREAL!
We had to walk up a pretty steep incline from the parking spot to get the church. This is an original Stave church from Norway built around 1200 in Vang, Norway. It was going to be demolished but the Prussian King bought it, transferred it, and re-erected it in Karpacz in 1842. It is still recognized by Norway as an original stave church.
Don’t you just die over the background?! OMG.
All the details on the church are actually wood carvings.
If you look at the below image at the top of the mountain, you will notice a structure. Keep this in your memory, we’ll come back to it.
This was such a beautiful spot. I wasn’t sure what to expect because it isn’t really showcased in any of the Poland Guidebooks. It surpassed any and all exceptions I could have possibly had.
After the church, we ventured to find the Kopa ski lift to go to Mount Sniezka.
Here’s a look at the lift. Buy tourist tickets both up and down the mountain. FYI The tourist lift is located next to a ski/snowboard lift.
BUT – SURPRISE! It’s a one person chair lift! 🙂 Something I have never seen before.
Being stuck on the one-person ski lift for a good 20-30 minutes, I had nothing to do other than to take photos. Notice the artificial snow below just barely covering the runs. (As you may know, we have had nothing but warm, sunny skies the past month here in Poland! Good for me. Bad for ski season.)
It was just wonderful to be surrounded by so much beauty with no where to go.
Once at the top of the Kopa lift (1350 meters, 4400 feet), the sights were fabulous. Here’s a look:
Of course, you can get a beer and a kielbasa at the top!
I’m just so curious as to how this dog got up here with the worker. Did he take the chair lift?!
Now, remember that building I told you to remember? Well, here it is again – it’s actually Mount Sniezka and from the top of it, you can see both Poland and the Czech Republic. We were expecting to take a lift directly to this restaurant/hotel/bar – nope. From the top of the Kopa, you are to hike 1-2 hours each way. Oh, really? I guess I should have researched this bit more. I may have brought gloves 😉 Needless to say, we did not make the hike to Sniezka. But next time, we’ll be ready.
We walked around for an hour or so before taking the single ski lift back to the main town. The way down the lift was much more scenic.
The town of Karpacz itself was super cute. I couldn’t get a very good photo of it but I hope this gives you a preview. It’s just a town surrounded by mountains where people walk around in their snow boots all day. (Umm…Love.)
Seriously, if you are looking for something to do for a day trip (or, want an overnight ski/spa trip) go to Karpacz! I would absolutely love to go back.
Here is the address for the Kopa Ski Lift, if you’re curious:
ul. Turystyczna 4
58-540 Karpacz

2 thoughts on “Getaway Guide: Karpacz, Poland

  1. You can find something similar in Szklarska Poręba. Nice town, Ski lift plus 1 hour walk to Śnieżne Kotły ( one of the most spectacular views I've ever seen ). The town is very cute with 30 meter high waterfall. I suggest to visit it in Autumn ( during Indian Summer called in Poland 'Złota Polska jesień – Golden Polish Autumn'), that time the view from the top is amazing (red grass, colourful forest).


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