:: Bastei, Germany

As you can tell, we have been making our weekends count while we are living here in Poland. Last Saturday, we took a day to travel to Bastei, Germany – about 2.5 hours from Wroclaw and only 20 minutes from Dresden. (Note that this National Forest is called Saxon Switzerland National Park but it’s located in Germany just to confuse you.) Unfortunately, it was extremely foggy on the day we visited these rock formations. But still gorgeous, nonetheless.

The drive there was interesting. We were just driving down these flat roads through Germany, parked our car and then, bam! Huge rocks! Fun fact: these rocks were formed by water erosion over one million years ago.
It really was beautiful scenery, I just wish I could have taken some better shots without the fog to give you some scale of this place. But, o well. What can you do.
I was most excited to see the Bastei Bridge. Originally, it was a wooden bridge built in 1824 to link rocks for visitors. (Hard to believe this place has been a tourist attraction for over 200 years.) The wood bridge was replaced in 1851 by the present one made of sandstone, as seen here.
Now, look closely again at the tops of all those rocks. Did you notice all the rock climbers? It looked like there were people climbing of all skill levels, so if this is something of interest to you – check out their website.
There are also great views of the Elbe River. On a clear day, I can only image just how stunning this would be.
My advice: pay the 1.50 Euro and walk around the Felsenburg Neurathen, a former castle from the middle ages. There will be a booth with postcards just as you walk across the bridge from the hotel to enter. It’s well worth the 20-minute walk-around. Plus, you get to hike over these cool bridges and get some great views of the bridge.
We were in Bastei for about 2 hours total. I would add this to the top of any day trip lists you may have from Wroclaw or Dresden, or, stop on the way to Dresden if you want to get fancy 😉
I’ll leave you with this image of a cut out angel on top of the rock. I have yet to research what this is but it is interesting.
Getting to Bastei from Wroclaw – 
Surprisingly hard to find directions online. So here’s what to do. There are two ways to get here. The easy way and the hard way. We did the easy way and that’s what I would recommend.
1. The Easy Way: Go to Bastei Berghotel. You can park in a lot near here for about 3 Euros. You will literally walk 5 minutes and be at the Bastei Bridge. Address: 01847 Lohmen. Super easy.
2. The Hard Way: This involves trains, ferries and long hikes, which you can research more if you’re interested. Since I didn’t travel that way, I don’t feel comfortable giving transportation advice but know it is an option.
Happy hiking!

4 thoughts on “:: Bastei, Germany

  1. If you like suche places you HAVE TO go to Gòry Stołowe (Table Mountains 😉 esspecially to Błędne Skały (some part of Chronicles of Narnia was shoot there) and Szczeliniec Wielki – I hope you will enjoy it.

    Best regres

    PS your blog is really enjoyable


  2. Hi there! In case if you missed it out, next time when there visit the Koenigstein Fortress (it's on the other side of Elbe river looking from Bastei), it is impressive.

    PS Living in Wroclaw you have a great opportunity to explore the Lower Silesia region which in my opinion has more to offer than many other parts of Europe!


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