Getaway Guide: Paris and the Palace of Versailles

As I mentioned in my Paris post, we spent the morning of our final day in Versailles. What a treat! This palace was just stunning and HUGE! I think it would easily take 30-45 minutes just to walk from one side of the palace to the other. Really beautiful. I would highly recommend a quick tour if you find yourself in Paris.
(This image below is from the back of the castle – this should give you an idea of the size.)

Getting here was super easy (and free public transport due to the air pollution that day). From Paris, take the RER C train to Château de Versailles. I think the train took about 45 minutes. Once you get off the train, someone will direct you (and everyone else on the train) to the castle. It’s a short 5 minute walk from the train stop. We did stop in a tourist office on the way and bought tickets to a guided tour. It wasn’t that much more and our guide was great – highly recommend

I couldn’t get any good photos of the front of the building. But here are a quick few below.
And now for a look inside…
Below is the Palace’s church – still open to the public.
This rug in front of the railing is original.
Of course, you know I LOVE doors and this place has so many beautiful ones 🙂
The floors below are called the Versailles Floor pattern. Originally, the floors, walls and ceilings were made of marble but they found it too hard to heat and, therefore, had to replace the marble floors with  this wood pattern.
And their fireplaces are no joke, either.  These may not look too big here but they are HUGE!
The amount of detail in each and every room is just indescribable – the wall coverings, the ceiling paintings, the curtain tie backs, the doors, everything. It is just a designer’s paradise.
(yes, this green wallpaper is velvet!)
And now for my favorite room. The room of mirrors. A hall that was used for dining and still is for elegant affairs. In fact, John F. Kennedy and Jackie O were invited to a dinner here with French President Charles DeGaulle in 1961. Oh, you should know I love Jackie O as much as doors 😉
Anyways, these chandeliers are all exact replicas by Swarovski.
Next to the room of mirrors is another room, which shows you that the mirrors in the hall are actually doors.
The bedrooms throughout the palace were also quite impressive. Look at these feather dusters on the top of the bed! I die!
Of course, the bedroom views of the courtyard aren’t too bad, either. Well, minus construction 😉
And a room of paintings showcasing each and every French victory.
And now a quick look at the back courtyards. The gardens are 800 hectares, about 2,000 acres! The bummer of visiting in offseason is that the fountains weren’t on yet, the pools were emptied and it was under construction. Still, you can imagine the splendor.
That concludes my tour today 🙂 If you have a chance to visit, do it!

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