Getaway Guide: Quick Trip Around Dublin, Ireland

Phew, we have had a busy month here in Wroclaw with the in-laws in town and an upcoming trip to Istanbul. Anyways, while the in-laws were in Poland we were able to scoot away for a few days to Ireland (it has been my in-laws dream to go to Ireland and we were able to take advantage of another RyanAir flight). Here’s a look at our quick, 2 day trip around Dublin.
I know what you’re thinking: this image above does not look like Dublin? That’s because it’s not, well, not really. 😉

Before we went to Dublin, we wanted to explore some of the countryside – as the Irish countryside really may be some of the best scenery in the world. Since we had limited time, we didn’t want to spend an entire day in the car so we chose to venture to the city of Howth and Wicklow National Park. Overall, both great decisions and the highlight of our trip- highly recommend if you have time.
Howth is just the cutest fishing village about 20 minutes north of Dublin. We did rent a car but I think there are buses that go here from the city. If you have a few hours and want to get out of the city, go here! It isn’t a huge city by any means, but it is just beautiful. I mean, look!
If you look closely at the image below, you can see sea lions in the water swimming. So cool!
And, if you do find yourself here go eat the The Oar House – it’s located on the marina near all the fresh fish markets. This was THE BEST fish and chips I have ever had in my life. Ever. (And I have had a lot of fish and chips in my day.)
A beautiful, blue sky day: lucky for April in Ireland.
And Howth has a cute little downtown, too.
For the highlight of Howth, do the cliff walk. Technically, we drove up but you can take the 2 hour hike if you’re feeling up to it.
How’s this for a house with a view? Also, maybe you can see the diving board on the lower right rock below? Coolest kid in town probably lives here.
Before we came to Howth, we ventured to Wicklow National Park to see some of the hills. This reminded us so much of the Gap of Dunloe – small roads and all. Super windy, but it didn’t rain. Free to enter and worth the trip if you want to see some Irish hills but are short on travel time. This was about a 45 minute drive from Dublin.
Sally Gap below.
And, of course, small windy roads.
And, now we’re off to Dublin…
As I have mentioned before, I was able to visit Dublin a few years ago while we were still living in the States. Let me say that going to Dublin during St. Patricks Day is NOT the same as just going to Dublin. This city was not at all how I remembered it… maybe too many Guinness’s during my St. Pat’s trip 😉
Dublin is a HUGE city and, really there isn’t much to do here other than eat, drink and shop – so eat, drink and shop we did. Plus, it is probably going to rain while you’re here. If I am being honest, now that we have been to other towns in Ireland, I prefer those to Dublin (and I feel like you will be able to feel that in the photos I took here. Sorry!). However, if you have a chance to go during St. Patrick’s Day – go then. If not, a day is all you need here just to say you’ve been to a pub in Dublin. As anywhere in Ireland, the hospitality and the people here are great.
A walk through Trinity Park.
And a church we passed on our way to the Guinness tour.
One thing you MUST do while in Ireland is the Guinness tour. Plus, you get a free pint with your ticket so that makes it even more worthwhile.
The evolution of packaging below.
Let me mention that we did come here during our last visit to Dublin and since then, tour has been totally redone. In their renovation, they removed my former favorite part of the tour – the Advertising room! NOOOOOO…. So now they just have a small wall of advertisements. And you can make your own ad, which is kinda cute.
And with a pint, our tour is complete. Oh, and if you need any Guinness gear, this is the place to get it.
Well, that’s all of our 2 days in Dublin, folks! Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for more adventures to come soon!
Where to Stay: If you find yourself planning a trip, we stayed near the Temple Bar area and it proved to be a great walking location to everything.

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