Getaway Guide: Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland

It should not be a surprise that I use my blog to help share the places that we visit with others to encourage them to want to go on a new adventure…which is why I am not posting too many pictures of the Wieliczka Salt Mine – a working mine full of sculptures carved out of the salt 🙂 Now, don’t read this the wrong way. What I mean is that this place is SO extraordinary but is VERY dark making photography extremely difficult – especially for a lil’, ‘ol amateur photographer like me! And, since my blog is supposed to encourage people to visit places, I am just posting a few photos that actually turned out ok. I encourage you to check out a quick image search to see more. Anywho, here is a quick look at the Wieliczka Salt Mine located just outside of Krakow, Poland – about 2 – 2.5 hours from Wroclaw.

If you’re like me, you may have never heard of this place before researching the best of what Poland has to offer and really this place deserves to be amongst the top of that list. It is one of the original UNESCO World Heritage Sights and is remarkable. This salt mine was built in the 13th century and includes statues, chapels and an entire cathedral carved out of the rock salt. The sculptures were carved voluntarily by the workers of the mine. How cool is that?!

Here is a look at some of the sculptures but remember, take the photo quality with a grain of salt 😉 hehe

Now, another thing I did not know before my visit: what salt looked like before it comes to the table. It actually looks a lot like a marble. Interesting, huh?
The main sight to see here in the salt mine are really the chapels and the cathedral carved out of the rock. They even feature artwork carved into the walls.
This is one of the smaller chapels.
And below, a look at the larger cathedral – the “show-stopper” of the tour. Alas, we visited in the off-season and, per usual, we saw some construction kinda ruining my complete shot of the cathedral. Also know that you can have your wedding here – I’d just make sure the construction is complete before booking 😉
Oh, and even the chandeliers are made from rock salt.
If you find yourself in Krakow with some time, make this place a priority. Here are my recommendations if you are planning a visit:
  • Buy tickets online here! We visited on a holiday weekend and waited FOREVER in line. You have to go inside the mine with a guide and tours run only every so often so without knowing, you can wait a long time – like we did.
  • You’ll walk down a lot of stairs; a lot as in 350 of them right when you enter. Wear flats and don’t bring a stroller.
  • It is kinda cold in here year-round (about 59 F / 15 C) so bring a sweater.
  • Tours last about 3 hours….a bit long for my taste, but still worth doing.
Above is a look at a staircase in the mine painted white.

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