Ring Bearer Bowl

One of my favorite things – and something that makes the cut while I am going through my house and purging everything that comes in my path – is from my wedding. This was my ring bearer bowl with the description, “Lately I have realized the best is yet to come.”
Oh how true that is!? I love it now more than I did 5 years ago!

Another Door Knocker

I know, I know. I post a lot of photos of lion door knockers. I just can’t help it 🙂 BUT, this one is my favorite and I need to find one like it. It’s my favorite mostly because of its size (it’s maybe about 5 inches tall)? Isn’t it the cutest?!

Here is a photo for scale.

This door knocker can be found at Hotel Tumski in Wroclaw, Poland. I just love it!!

Wroclaw Soccer…er, Football

When we moved to Wroclaw, one of the things we really wanted to do was see a Wroclaw Slask football err. soccer game. (Ahh the dreaded ‘soccer vz. football’ wording; we Americans have made these terms so confusing!) Anyways, back in September we had the chance to attend a game and it really was awesome! Here’s a bit about visiting the stadium. What a great way to capitalize on the ‘experiences over material items’ craze!
Now, it may not look like many people were here but this cheering section was Loud with a capital L.  When I say it was loud, I am not kidding we could hear Continue reading “Wroclaw Soccer…er, Football”

Intricate Doors in Wroclaw

One of my favorite things to photograph are doors. I LOVE doors, especially doors in Europe. These are, quite possibly, some of the best doors I have ever seen. And they happen to be right here in Wroclaw. Take a look:
Sigh. Aren’t they beautiful?
Now, when I tell you these are doors to a church, doesn’t that seem fitting? I haven’t been inside the church yet, but these doors make me want to find out more about Kościół Opatrzności Bożej.

January 6th in Poland

Today is a national holiday in Poland! And there is (yet another) stage set up in the Rynek of Wroclaw today.
That’s right, January 6th marks the Epiphany – the day the three wise men visited baby Jesus. Many people ventured into the Rynek for the celebrations and attendees can be seen wearing these cardboard crowns to commemorate the kings. FYI Most shops are closed, but restaurants and cafes in town seem to be open.
Happy January 6th, 2015!