A Special Ornament for Baby’s First Christmas

If you have been reading my blog for a bit, then you know that I LOVE the Wroclaw Christmas market. Here is a look at one of my favorite booths from this year due to a sentimental purchase I made here 🙂

My favorite Wroclaw Christmas market booth comes from a sweet Polish lady who hand paints all these lovely Christmas bulbs you see here. Her bulbs don’t seem to come from a factory, like Vitbis, but (I assume) she purchases them from somewhere and then paints them. In my mind, she paints all these bulbs in her basement throughout the year and then sells them at the market – but I have no idea if that is true 🙂 During most of the market days, it was just this lady working all hours with an occasional helper during the weekends. My hat goes off to her (and the others working the market) – this year’s weather was cold!

Anyways, she also customizes bulbs so I, of course, had to get one for Henry! After all, there aren’t many American babies born in Poland – what a memorable first Christmas he has, huh?! And because of that, we got a bulb (well, two actually for when one of them inevitably breaks) that says: “Pierwsze święta Henry’ego,” which means: “Henry’s First Christmas” in Polish. Another bonus was that it only cost 10 PLN (about 3 USD) per bulb, including customization. Here is a photo of it hanging on our tree.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I usually don’t like mismatched ornaments. I need my tree to match as well as the next HGTV lover, so I made sure this will new addition will blend nicely with our other ornaments 😉

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