Wroclaw Soccer…er, Football

When we moved to Wroclaw, one of the things we really wanted to do was see a Wroclaw Slask football err. soccer game. (Ahh the dreaded ‘soccer vz. football’ wording; we Americans have made these terms so confusing!) Anyways, back in September we had the chance to attend a game and it really was awesome! Here’s a bit about visiting the stadium. What a great way to capitalize on the ‘experiences over material items’ craze!
Now, it may not look like many people were here but this cheering section was Loud with a capital L.  When I say it was loud, I am not kidding we could hear the fans the moment we stepped out of the tram car. It felt like we were attending a college football playoff game, it was that loud. (BTW if you have a ticket to the game, you can take the tram there free of charge.) When we bought tickets the ticket lady said you probably don’t want to sit with the fan section and it was almost better just to watch them from across the field. That way, we could see all the coordinated chants. But maybe if you aren’t pregnant (like I was) and looking for a good story, get your seats in the fan zone. Just don’t cheer for the other team….
Stadion Miejski really was nice. It was open dome with covered seating and can fit 42,771 visitors. It was actually built for the 2012 UEFA cup games that were held here in Wroclaw. The security to get into this place was CRAZY. Each section was gated off from the next and there was no way to get to the other side (to prevent brawls). Not even for a hot dog. No crossing sections no matter what. To get into the building, your ticket is what opens the gate and your passport (for foreigners) is then checked to make sure your name matches the one on the ticket. That’s right, when you buy tickets, you MUST present your Polish ID/Passport in order to buy. Your name is then recorded onto your ticket and put into a database so if there was a brawl, they would know who was sitting in that section and may have started the fight. Let me say here that I felt very safe when attending the game, so don’t get the wrong idea.
That said, here’s where we bought our tickets: The Tourist Information store across from Plac Solny (the flower market) off the Rynek. There is a ticket desk inside and you can buy some souvenir T-shirts, too. The ladies there both spoke English no problem. I have no idea if you can buy tickets at the stadium. (Let me mention that next to Hala Targowa is a fab t-shirt spot with a greater, and a bit cheaper, selection.)
And that’s the basics of attending a Wroclaw Slask game! Enjoy. And go Slask (Pronounced SHLONSK oh’ Polish…)

2 thoughts on “Wroclaw Soccer…er, Football

  1. Hello! I've just discovered Your blog and I find it truly amazing! I like Your posts and photos, they really seem to grasp the essence of what You want to tell Your readers.

    I personally am a huge fan of Slask Wroclaw and I am very glad You managed to see our team playing at Municipal Stadium! I also have a curiosity regarding Slask. The club was formed in 1947, just after the WWII, when Poland regained teritorry of Silesia (Śląsk). As a reminder and a symbol of Poland reuniting with Silesia (after 6 centuries), foundators of the club created Slask's crest: escutcheon is divided in two halves, each of them displaying an eagle- black eagle of Silesia and white eagle of Poland. The eagles are surrounded by laurel wreath, symbol of victory and fair competition.



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