Get ready to hear a lot about my #31Goals project here on Morning Kawa! They say that the best way to achieve your goals is to write them down and share them with others. So, without further ado – here is my complete list of my #31Goals!



(Continue reading to see the entire list of 31 Goals!)


  1. Create and define my dream job – can someone just pay me to blog, travel and decorate please!
  2. Get fit and healthy and strong; feel confident in a bikini
  3. Travel somewhere out of my comfort zone
  4. Travel somewhere alone.
  5. Travel at every given opportunity – visit friends while they still live in cool places.
  6. Move my blog to wordpress and begin blogging again! – done!
  7. Get my ‘too-much-house’ house in Michigan ready to sell  – sell it and downsize EVERYTHING and move to a small lakeside cottage.
  8. Just go for it. Whatever IT is. Follow your intuition.
  9. Embrace minimalistic living  – surround myself only with things I either love or use; get rid of anything that doesn’t make me smile.
  10. Learn calligraphy
  11. Actually become a good skier
  12. Organize and print ALL my travel photos.
  13. Finally compile my postcard book. (complete)
  14. Go on a real picnic.
  15. Try to laugh every day.
  16. Begin a regular manicure routine.
  17. Take a photo every day.
  18. Pay off all student loans.
  19. Learn to sew.
  20. Create a living will.
  21. Swim with dolphins.
  22. Host an amazing garden party.
  23. Start a friends dinner (an open invite to all friends standing date each month to try out new restaurants around Detroit)
  24. Plan another fabulous girls’ only getaway.
  25. Go to England so Henry can meet his grandma for the first time.
  26. Embrace time capsule wardrobe
  27. Find a babysitter that speaks another language for one night/week so Henry can learn it.
  28. Try 30 days of yoga straight.
  29. Attempt one whole month booze free. In the summer.
  30. Spend as much time with my parents as I can; really make sure Henry knows them.
  31. Blog about my 31Goals adventure – maybe even make it into a book.

I have a lot to accomplish this 31st year of life – and I am excited to share the trials, the success – and  the failures, too- with you along the way to achieving a more fulfilled life. Here we go! Wish me luck 🙂

What are your goals this year? Anything you think  I should add?

3 thoughts on “#31Goals

  1. Hi, Jackie. I’m 33 and I also just repatriated last year. It’s a hard transition to make! I love the idea of embracing change and letting it spur you on to greater things. I’ve been struggling with my own idea of how life should be and how I want life to be. I have a hard time not feeling sorry for myself when I don’t have certain things in life like a house or a fulfilling career–but I am determined to do as you are doing and pursue the life that I want. If that means pursuing a career and never actually having that career, then so be it! I’d rather make an attempt at doing what I love than not try at all.

    I’m looking forward to reading your posts about your goals and such. I’ve been thinking about doing a series on finding out what it is that I want my life and career to be, but we just had a fire and moved to a new apartment (that we luckily had lined up before the fire), so I will be taking my time on this one. I followed your blog years ago during my first attempt to keep a blog and didn’t keep up with any of it. Remind me, what was your job in Poland? What is your job in Michigan? Good luck on your goals!

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