Goal 16: Start a Regular Manicure Routine

IMG_9026When I started thinking about what goals I wanted to include in my #31Goals project – I wanted to make sure I had a range – some goals that I could just do in a day, others that would be easy with a bit of dedication and then some that would take thought, time, determination and a require real change.  I did this on purpose. I wanted some self love goals that I could just stop putting off, make them a priority and just feel GOOD about crossing them off the list. You know how sometimes you make a list with things you know you are going to do that day so you can cross them off and feel accomplished. Like, “Take a shower” and you do it and think to yourself, “Check! I am already getting so much done today – go me!” – this goal is kinda like that, which brings me to one of my easier, long-term goals towards self love:

Goal 16: “Start (and continue) a regular manicure routine.”

Now, before you judge me, let me explain this goal a bit more. I swear, it isn’t as narcissistic as it sounds.

This goal isn’t just about having well-kept nails (well, not 100%), this goal is about putting aside some time for ME to do something that really makes ME feel good. This goal is about carving out some time to relax to do something that I don’t have to think too hard about but brings me joy. It’s something I have always wanted to do and I haven’t had (err…made) the time since having a little one. I decided this year, no more excuses. No more putting off something I want to do for myself. So now, once every 10 days I use my lunch break for my nails. One simple step to make the time for something I wanted to do. NBD.

If you are on a mission to find something that brings you self love, I would recommend thinking about what is your “regular manicure routine” equivalent? Reading a chapter a week? A walk through the park? Looking at every page of the newest Pottery Barn catalog the day it arrives in the mail? Really, think about something that makes you smile that maybe you have put to the back burner because of family, or kids, or work – STOP IT! SET ASIDE THE TIME TODAY FOR YOURSELF. Shift something else you don’t love (maybe the dishes can wait an hour?) for the something that you’d rather do right now.

No matter how busy, everyone needs time to decompress, clear their mind and put themselves first every once in a while – even if that is only a 30 minute manicure every 10 days.

Because you deserve it.



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