Goal 13: Finally Compile My Postcard Collection

Phew! I am just crossing things off my list left and right ;0

This goal (#13 Finally compile my postcard collection) is kinda a cheat because it was SUCH an easy goal for me to do! It really focused on the life mantra/T. Jefferson Quote: ‘Never put off til tomorrow what you can do today.”  And what a great motto to incorporate into my life!

Without further ado – here is a look at my coffee table box of postcards. I couldn’t love it anymore than I do right now.


You may remember from an old post that I collect postcards wherever I go. I write on each postcard the dates I was there, who I traveled with and what my favorite memory about the city was. This collection is the absolute favorite thing that I own – so why they were just kept in an envelope on a basement shelf, I don’t know!!


Originally, I thought I wanted a photo album but I couldn’t find anything that allowed me to see both sides of the postcard so I decided on a coffee table box from La Rousse Shoppe  You GUYS!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and I cannot even express the amount of joy it brings me to see it on my living room coffee table every single day.

What I learned from achieving this goal is really twofold: One: STOP putting off the things you can easily do right now and TWO, really make sure the things you love most are displayed somewhere you can see them everyday. It will bring you such joy when you care for the things you love and they are in clear view and not tucked away in a closet.

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