Hello to a New Morning Kawa

IMG_2051Since leaving Poland 3 years ago, I have been trying literally for years to find my new blog focus. If you’ve been a long time follower, you know I have tried a few things. Travel. Home Decor. Goal setting. Mom life. Idk. Nothing really stuck. I felt so blah compared to the other bloggers out there who frankly just did “it” better than me. More trips, better clothes, prettier houses. That wasnt me. I couldn’t compete and I certainly I didn’t want to pay to try. I don’t have millions of followers. Brands aren’t paying me to stay in their hotels or wear their clothes (note: totally open to that any brands out there, just sayin’!) Plus, now that I am back in the USA, I’m not jet setting to Paris for the weekend anymore, I’m more umm driving to the Dallas Zoo… far less glam and something I didnt think anyone would be interested in. So I just let my blog sit here for awhile empty until I could figure it out.

Until today while balancing my monthly budget, It just clicked: I am a lifestyle blogger  – but I have a budget!

That’s me. That’s Morning Kawa. A blogger on a budget.

I travel  – on a budget.

I decorate – on a budget.

I throw pretty parties – on a budget.

I’m a mom – on a budget.

I can do nice things like stay in 5-star resorts in Portugal because I budget for them. I carry a $0 balance on my credit cards. I just paid off over $100,000(!!!!!) in student loans and am now student loan free! We have one car to pay off before we master Dave Ramsey’s baby step 2 and are officially debt free (other than the mortgage). Next month we are there and hitting that investment trail hot.

I budget because I want to be debt free. I want to retire a millionaire. I don’t want to compete with bloggers who have more, who get more, who buy more, who consume more. It’s just not the kind of lifestyle I want for myself or my family. Some of you may think I must sacrifice. But I don’t think I do at all. Not really. Do I have 600 pairs of Christian Louboutins? I wish! But you know what I do have – I have two pairs of those red bottom beauties that I found on a 75% off sale that I paid cash for and I wear them without worry, and without 24% interest! I’m not going to post a picture of myself in new jeans and brag tell you that I am wearing a size 24 because, well A. I can’t fit one leg into a size 2 but B. even if I could, I don’t want to be a blogger that makes someone somewhere feel bad about themselves. I am real and I pretty much always wear yoga pants and a top bun. That’s me. This photo here? My 3-year old took it and it’s real life raw. And it’s my favorite.

I hope you enjoy me sharing my life with you – on a budget. Everyone deserves beautiful things but I don’t think you should finance ANYTHING and I definitely don’t think you should buy things because someone on instagram has it too. You do you! Stop competing. I’m just here to show you how I live my life on a budget without sacrifice AND get out of debt while doing it.

Hope you Enjoy//Jackie



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